“When we give time to quietening experiences, we have a different life, because we have a different nervous system.”

Marianne Williamson

Yoga is a thousands of years old science, that offers various tools to live life to our fullest potential as human beings. Full health of body, mind and spirit. Yoga is often misinterpreted as just a means of moving our body yet it is much more. Yoga is movement, breath, relaxation, meditation, sound, philosophy and connection.

Today the term mindfulness is often used to refer to stress reduction techniques that are derived from yoga and other Eastern philosophies. We need this ancient wisdom more than ever to meet the demands of today’s life. The stress we all experience in some way or another is the biggest cause for illness of our body and mind.

Yoga is a preventative practice as well as a means to heal the body using yoga therapy. Having taught many yoga classes, I have observed again and again that a lot of students come to yoga when the body is already in need of help – dis-ease is present in some way. Although yoga classes are a wonderful means to increase health, when there is illness or injury a general class cannot always offer the individual attention that is needed and might in the worst case even cause more injury.

A personalised yoga session using the tools of yoga therapy will assess the individual needs and then offer tools that may help the body to heal. My focus is on finding tools that realistically fit into your life. Yoga works best if we do a little bit most days rather than an hour once a week. Through private sessions and your personal practice, you will get to know your individual needs so that you can safely attend yoga classes with the knowledge how to look after your body.

I use different assesment tools and my yoga therapy knowledge as well as my strongly developed intuition to find what may assist you.

Private sessions are also suitable for you if you are fit and healthy and you would like to find a yoga practices that suits your individual needs. Yoga is a means of personal transformation. I use tools of yoga psychology to determine areas of strength and challenge, which allow to then find the right yoga practices to support personal growth.

Using the right tools yoga is suitable for everyone, every body shape and every stage in life. As it anchors with the breath as the most important life bringing force, literally everyone can do a form of yoga. I have taught children and teenagers as well as the elderly and every age in between. Yoga works great for any stages of pregnancy as well as in the recovery after giving birth. It can be helpful with relaxing into the transition out of this life. Men benefit in the same way then women. Balance, health and inner peace are a universal need.

60 minutes session $80.